15-May-2018Brighton, TN(25 miles)Dogs for Sale
Angels Among Us Animal Rescue announces a new Angel: Meet Koa! Koa is a six year old Pitbull Terrier mixture who loves to snuggle and go on long walks. He was rescued 4yrs ago from an awful shelter situation where he was housed in a small filthy run for over a year. Koa thought he had found his forever but unfortunately it was not to be. Koa has become destructive and dog selective, and his fam...
17-May-2018Rossville, TN(7 miles)Dogs for Sale
Tommy is a true survivor! We rescued him after someone cut his throat and left him for dead on the side of the road. The cut was so deep that if it had been even a centimeter deeper he would have bled out for sure. It was also so badly infected that he had to be on antibiotics for weeks and had to have major surgery to clean it out. We can still hardly believe he survive, and now he's a happy, ...
17-May-2018Rossville, TN(7 miles)Dogs for Sale
A man called and told us that a stray dog hanging around his property had taken up residence under his shed. Several weeks later, he saw pups running in and out from under the shed. Now he knew why she was living there! We couldn't catch all of them at once; it took three tries. 1st we were able to get five pups. Then we went back another day and caught the last 2. However, momma, whom we named...
23-May-2018Arlington, TN(16 miles)Dogs for Sale
I bought this dog as a puppy from a local breeder. Due to being recently married and combining pets in the household I am looking to re-Home him. He is very intelligent and very high energy. He needs a home where he is probably the only dog, or at least the only male dog. We have tried to make it work with the new animals in the home but it is ultimately too much stress on him and us. He is cra...
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